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Like this Tree, I Reach for Light

A Poem

I am not a lion or tiger or wolf.

If I must compare myself to nature,

I will be a tree,

Tall and proud,

With roots that run deep into the soil

And branches that stretch into the sky.

Every scar on my skin

Speaks to the weathering of time

And the abuse of others

Who mistook my silence for license

To do as they pleased.

Yet I remain,

A survivor of many storms

Nourished by the light,

Unburdened by yesterday or tomorrow.

I am unique.

I am unlike my brothers and sisters,

And they are unlike me,

Yet we share the same serene purpose.

We offer you no fantasies of power or strength.

We give freely of our gifts:

Shade and protection,

And unrefined beauty sculpted by a Creator

Who knows what true beauty is:

free and unbounded,

Pursuing its own untamed course.

You can find it, too,

If you open your heart

As I open my hand.

Written by

Author of super-hero/sci books, False Alarm (2015), The Power Club (2017) and The Secret Club (2020). He lives on the fringes of the middle of the Midwest.

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