A Poem

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Rachel was there,

And Sarah was there.

We were holding a party

On the roof of a high rise,

Covered with grass and trees

In the middle of downtown.

One kid is so traumatized

By the game we play —

Dangling on metal poles

Over the side of the building —

That he curls up on the grass and cries.

I lay next to him

Just to be there,

Just to be.

That is all we must do:

I feel so free.

I let the morning take me

Where it wants to take me.

I join Sarah at her table,

And we chat.

She goes to get more food.

Donald Trump walks by

And asks whose pop tart is that on the table.

I tell him I don’t know;

It was there before me.

I cannot give him someone else’s pop tart

Though he clearly wants it.

Sarah returns and chats with the president.

Sarah can chat with anyone.

It takes the pressure off me.

Someone caters more food,

And we all move to different tables

To partake in octopus and soft drinks,

I put grapes on my plate

And leave room for something new,

But there is too much to choose from.

Sarah sits behind me now,

And I sit with and talk to someone else.

I circle back to Rachel,

Who has a seizure

And sticks her head under the table.

I stay with her

Just to be with her

Until I spot her husband

Talking to the secretary-general

Across the roof.

I tell Rachel I am going to get her husband,

And she gives me permission to leave her.

Her husband sends a doctor

Who takes care of Rachel,

And the party continues

In our park on the roof

Of a high rise

In the middle of downtown.

But all parties end, and I’m driving

Through a town I don’t know.

The guests follow me in their cars,

And I follow a police car

Because I figure he knows

The best way to go.

He shoots up a steep hill

And I follow suit,

But my Honda strains to make the climb

Until I put it in third gear,

And make the climb I do.

At the top of the hill

The police car turns right;

I go straight,

For I see the outdoor mall.

It’s just a matter of choosing

The right restaurant

For my guests.

Written by

Author of super-hero/sci books, False Alarm (2015), The Power Club (2017) and The Secret Club (2020). He lives on the fringes of the middle of the Midwest.

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