Photo by Clay Banks on Unsplash

I grew up in the middle of the Midwest

Where football is perfection

And working on cars is what men did,

Where we read books about people on the coasts

And in other lands who lived their dreams

And became their dreams and created dreams

For others.

I live in the middle of the Midwest

Where we look down on people who live on the coasts

And in urban areas, where people who trill their r’s are exotic

And people with dark skin know their place

And God meant marriage for a man and a woman

And we buy guns to protect our guns

From socialism.

I drank from the wells in the middle of the Midwest

Where air shows fly overheard, their booming thunder

Strikes awe in children and terror in our enemies,

Where men go off to war and watch football on big-screen TVs

And drink Bud or Coors, where we don’t wear masks

So we can feed our babies, where global warming is a hoax

And Dr. Fauci has a funny name.

I breathe the air in the middle of the Midwest

Where states are red and jobs are scarce

And for that we blame the Democrats,

Where we teach our children to respect the flag and kneel

And how to shoot a deer at fifty paces,

Where BLM is a terrorist organization

And “liberal church” is an oxymoron,

Where there is such a thing as too much education

And where poetry rhymes.

I woke up today in the middle of the Midwest

Where jobs are even more scarce and we re-elect

A governor who knows that Covid is as only as bad as the flu,

Where our president refuses to admit defeat,

Where flags in our yard tell everyone who we are,

And where we tell people on the coasts to fuck off,

To take their ideas somewhere else because

“God Bless the USA” means God Bless Us

Just as we are.

Author of super-hero/sci books, False Alarm (2015), The Power Club (2017) and The Secret Club (2020). He lives on the fringes of the middle of the Midwest.

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